K. Pressman Art

A curated collection of my digital art

Angel Series 2017-2019

My first attempt at digital painting began when I created a girl falling through the sky, surrounded by angels. The desire to paint—something, anything—began one night after a concert by Tiny Bicycle Parade, in October 2017.

I had never heard their music, and assumed it would be fun and delightful, given the name of the piano and guitar duo. Instead, the poignant lyrics sung by Brian Kershisnik brought me to tears. As an artist he paints messy, as does J. Kirk Richards from whom I took two out of eight oil painting classes in 2015 or 16.

Armed with confidence I could simply have fun making a digital mess while unexpectedly crying my way out of that amazing concert (and recent divorce), this angel series began to take shape. My first painting, created that night, sold at the Art Squared Auction in Spring City the next May.

Biblical Series 2020-Present

When the pandemic turned all of our worlds upside down, I found myself sheltering in place above my mother’s art gallery in a small town in the high mountain deserts of Utah.

The greatest blessing to come out of the months in seclusion was meeting my husband, Eugene. I was never going to remarry and simply wanted to make a friend. It ended up being a Covid romance.

Another blessing was experiencing a revived passion for all things biblical. I lost myself in researching ancient Jewish history, customs, foods, festivals, and agriculture. I also resumed my study of the Hebrew language, which I had done at university decades earlier. I also began to create art to reflect what I was learning.

Blessings 2020-Present

Years ago, I read a beautiful memoir written by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD. It is entitled, “My Grandfather’s Blessings.” A childhood friend, Kris, had given me a copy.

Before the pandemic hit in 2020, and while healing from a traumatic experience, I decided to read it in full. Dr. Remen’s words were like a balm to my soul. I decided to look for blessings and miracles, and eventually began to create them in art. My first two attempts are Shabbat blessings for parents to give to their children.

Yeshua Ha-Maschiach 2021

August 2021 felt heavy to me. This was at a time when Covid had mutated into the Delta variant, the Taliban overtook Afganistan, fires still raged in the Western Americas and Greece, and floods were burying entire villages in Germany and China. This was before Hurricane Ida hit our shores. So much suffering.

I began to paint so I could enter the Zen space in my mind, with no idea as to what I would create. As I painted I felt a connection to Him, and this brought me a peace I had been craving for months. These first two are the pieces that seemed to take shape of their own accord. If you want to see the video process, videos are on the website menu for you to click and watch.

There is such joy in creating like a child and being present. Children create art when they are angry, sad, happy and all other sorts of emotions. Art is like that for me. Every shape, color and stroke of the digital pencil is a surprise to me, since I rarely know what I’m going to paint.

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